Bliss Care & Training Ltd

About Us

Bliss Care And Training Ltd was established in 2016 with the aim of providing outstanding and compassionate care to venerable and elderly individuals and those with special needs in the London area. We have a highly professional and dedicated management team with many years of experience in the care sector. Our management team has proven track record of providing exceptional care in a compassionate and professional manner. Our recruitment procedures ensure that our team is committed to providing outstanding care and that they have all required qualifications. Our  training procedures ensure that our team is highly trained and that all their qualifications are up to date. 

At Bliss care, we believe that the best way to care for clients is to take a holistic  approach, recognize the clients individual needs and involve them in every step of their care. This is why we have adopted a person-cantered  care approach to our care. Clients and their family and friends are involved in the decision -making process in every step of their care. Bliss care ensures that all clients are treated with dignity and respect. Our care takes into account clients' cultural, religious and lifestyle needs. we have a diverse team and our train8ing ensures that staff has knowledge of different cultures and lifestyles so that they can provide care that suits the client's individual needs. when constructing a care plan for clients we consult with the client, the family, and friends to ensure that the clients individual's needs and preferences are met

Our Team 

Bliss care team has a high passion for caring and supporting the, elderly, highly compassionate with exceptional skill (competency) in a health care setting. our team is highly committed to all the core values of health and social care and our management team consists of individuals with several years of experience in the sector.